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Clicker Press sales are on the increase in America because the Clicker Press is the key tool to so many types of manufacturing. The clicker press which is also referred to as a swing arm press of shoe press is actually used to die cut anything from leather and textiles to plastics and paper. The CLICKER PRESS is truly a versatile machine for anyone wanting to repeatedly cut soft materials into specified shapes. We offer all types of Clicker Presses from 10 ton hydraulic cutting presses to 75 ton automatic CNC presses.  Before deciding on a type of clicker press, please contact us so we can perform some tests with your specific dies and desired material. We will be able to suggest the right size clicker press for your specific application.

Beam Press
Traveling Head Press
Receding Beam Press
Dual Feed Press
Plane Press
CNC Traveling Head Press
Hydraulic Beam Press
Automatic Cutting Press
Shoe Press
Gasket Press
Plastics Press
Foam Press
PET Press
4 Post Clicker Press
Beam Cutting Press
Auto Cutting Press
Shoe Cutting Press
Gasket Cutting Press
Plastic Cutting Press
Die Cutting Press
Paper Cutting Press
Foam Cutting Press
Mold Forming Press
Impression Press
Plastic Welding Press
Heat Sealing Press
Plane Cutting Press
Custom Clicker Press

Leather Clicker Press
Leather Die Cutting
Auto Feed Cutting Press
4 Post Cutting Press
2 Post Cutting Press
Flooring Cutting Press
200 Ton Press
100 Ton Press
80 Ton Press
50 Ton Press
25 Ton Press
27 Ton Swing Arm Press
20 Ton Press
10 Ton Press

Flooring Clicker Press
Die Press
Cork Cutting Press
Wood Cutting Press
Bonding Press
Lamination Press
10 Ton Clicker Press
27 Ton Clicker Press
40 Ton CLicker Press
50 Ton Clicker PRess
80 Ton Clicker Press
100 Ton Clicker Press
200 Ton Clicker Press
25 Ton Swing Arm Press